Gail Zinberg is the embodiment of mindfulness. Although there were a lot of wonderful skills I learned from Gail during her MBSR training, the most important thing I got was what she taught by her example. Her level of heart-felt presence is both nourishing and a delight to be around.

Susie Arnett

I can’t think of anyone I trust more than Gail Zinberg to guide me through an MBSR experience. She has the biggest heart of anyone I know, an enormous capacity for empathy, a generosity of spirit coupled with a wonderful sense of humor, a keen intelligence and knowledge of this field, and a therapist’s ability to identify issues and offer love and support to all of us who have been fortunate enough to work with her.

Dr. Barbara Waldinger , Theatre Professor and Director

I was a member of Gail’s first class – five years ago. What I find most interesting is that even though I haven’t actively continued the practice, the respect, attitude, soothing breath, capacity to slow down and become conscious – “mindfulness” – has remained embedded in my body. I am a calmer, softer person. Thank you, Gail.

Dr. Rachel Brier , Psychologist

For me as a TBI survivor- I found the weekend retreat most helpful. To be able to participate in the physical exercise’s ex . walking outside in a mindful and totally trusting manner…was a life changing experience . After being attacked from behind inside a building – walking on a public street with strangers was truly extremely difficult and terrorizing . Due to participating in your weekly group gatherings and meeting others who I found to be trusting and caring people . I learned to walk again without turning in terror when I heard footsteps behind me. This was a true gift that you gave me , a life altering gift. Most grateful from the heart …thank you.

H. Candace T. , Masters Degree

I work in a demanding profession and had been relying on regular exercise and a healthy eating lifestyle to manage the stress and anxiety created by my work. I am also a Type A person whereas “doing” is better than “being”. I was not interested in meditating, not believing it my “thing”. However, the anxiety and stress began to take its toll and with reluctance and encouragement, I signed up for the mindfulness course. Wow. Can I say, meditating feels delicious? i meditate only twenty minutes most days and have been doing it for about a year and a half. Of course, I could do it longer or even twice a day but meditating just this amount of time has made a huge difference in how I feel and how i manage the stress in my life. I look forward to meditating. It does not feel like work. There is a freedom in it that allows my mind and body to be together in a very healing way. It is something in my tool box, that is private and mine to use when and how i want. I don’t worry about mediating the right or wrong way. I can just do it and feel better.

Tina Bardwell

Gail, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for being a part of your Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course. The tools and information I derived as a student of your work have continued to enrich my life in many ways. Initially, I was very reluctant to sign on to an 8 week course, as I worried that I couldn’t carve out the time for such a commitment. Much to my surprise, after only one class, not only did I realize the importance of your work, I started seeing results almost immediately. As a small business owner, with 3 locations and no employees, feeling overwhelmed was frequently the norm for me, prior to taking your course. Your background and years of experience as a provider of mental health (combined with your nurturing and compassionate nature) really make you the perfect instructor. Your work is extraordinary and beneficial on so many levels. It has been both a pleasure and a privilege to attend your MBSR course…thank you, again!

Laurie Ke, RN,BSN

During my eight weeks of mindfulness training with Gail I learned to accept myself for who I am, to be more patient towards my mistakes and not to judge myself so much.

Liliana Colorado ,

The MBSR class helped me to develop kindness and gratitude, and appreciation for the richness of life even in the difficult times. Gail is a talented teacher, bringing out things I never knew were there.

Gretchen R.

The practice of MBSR, taught by Gail, has added depth of awareness and increased focus to my program of recovery from alcoholism.

Anonymous ,

Things that I have gotten from Mindfulness are increased loving kindness in life, increased inner peace, an increase of non-attachment, knowing how to truly meditate and becoming more loving as to whom I am.


Gail’s MBSR classes came at an important transition point for me. I had just achieved my goal of retiring from practice as a homecare nurse in NYC and relocating to the Berkshires fulltime. Little did I know that my dream of slowing down and enjoying plenty of free time would be so hard. I didn’t realize how much of my identity was tied to my work. MBSR gave me a quiet space with the perfect guide (Gail) who helped me explore tools for staying focused, calm and aware of my feelings in the moment. I believe this practice is empowering for anyone no matter what stage of life they are in.

Lili, RN, BSN

What you get in a mindfulness training program with Gail is acceptance. Imagine that. You walk in alone… and walk out remembering, again, that we are all connected. Gail is funny, patient, generous and totally accepting of everyone with all our warts and wierdnesses. What I learned in the training comes back to me all the time like a really good dream, only better. It is a set of skills to live by.

Brin Quell Chatham, New York

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